Who Is Technoir?

My name is Krish. I’m a Dash Masternode Operator since early 2016[1][2][3], based in London UK with 6 years experience working as a Software Developer and Quality Assurance Engineer.

I’m a member of the moderation team for Reddit r/dashpay[4] and also on the Dash Nation Discord[5]. I was named a ‘most valuable person’ by Dash Force News in June 2018[6].

Masternode shares require a lot of trust in the person operating the service to hold your Dash securely, to make regular payouts and to not disappear with your funds. If you are thinking of using my service and have not met me before, I encourage you to seek references from the Dash community on Discord[5], view my comments history on Reddit[3] and either request a Skype call with me or find me on Discord so that I can answer any questions you may have. I have provided links below to make the process easier for you.

I also provide my personal telephone number to all customers.


[1] Verified MNO on DashCentral (username: technoir)

[2] Dash Forum user since June 2016 (username: technoir)

[3] Comments history on Reddit r/dashpay (username: __technoir__)

[4] Moderator on Reddit r/dashpay (username: __technoir__)

[5] Moderator on the Dash Nation Discord (username: krish#3464)

[6] Named a ‘Most Valuable Person’ by Dash Force News in June 2018 (Krish)

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